Course report ...

... by Caroline Stone, BFRP on The Mindful Consultation course

As practitioners we are all used to listening to the worries and concerns of others because how else could we choose the appropriate Bach flower remedies? This can easily make us fall into the trap of thinking that we are so practised in the art of listening that there couldn’t possibly be anything else to learn on the topic.  Believe me… there is a whole universe out there to be discovered!

I am often told that I am a good listener so that is exactly why I enrolled on Nicola Hanefeld’s course “The Mindful Consultation” – I was curious to find out what more there could be to learn about listening.

The course Nicola offers gives a great introduction to person-centred communication according to Carl Rogers. We learnt the essential building blocks to enhance our listening skills but ultimately only scratched upon the surface of an extremely vast topic. As a group we found the simple art of listening had many challenges. At first we questioned: “Is it really enough, just to listen?.” In the practical sessions we soon discovered that being truly listened to - without judgement or suggestion - was an incredibly connecting and moving experience.

I learnt that the simple art of listening is actually a complex study that requires conscious practise. I am already integrating my learnings into daily life and have been pleasantly surprised by the reactions I have received. The world is a crazy place at the moment where we all crave more connection and a feeling of being understood. Why not refresh your listening skills and join Nicola on her next course. I think you may surprise yourself at what you can learn.


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