Bach Flower Book Club - the community met in autumn 2023 and got to know authors and colleagues!

BFRPs from around the world met and talked with authors of books on the Bach flower remedies. Ideas on an unwritten BFR book were considered and colleagues from around the world encountered one another in break-out rooms for 15 minutes during the meetings. It was an inspiring five sessions!

The meetings revealed the process about writing on Bach's method and the Bach Flower Remedies. That included the challenges and difficulties as well as the joys of writing. Each author had her own particular approach, and target group, which crystallised out during the conversation.

Lesley Cooke, BFRP spoke about her books on 30 September. Notes from this meeting: the books were Turning to the Light and A-Z of Emotional Resilience, both available direct from the Bach Centre or Lesley, see her Bio on Facebook or Instagram, @AtHomeBachRemedies. Books mentioned: Anam Cara by John O'Donohue, Spiritual wisdom from the Celtic World and Why has Nobody told me this before? Dr Julie Smith.

Gwenda Kyd, BFRP spoke about her book The Plants of Dr Bach. Molecules, Remedies and Lore on 14 October. Her book is available from the Bach Centre and via her website. Further book details >>

Véronique Heynen-Rademakers, BFRP and trainer was the guest on 28 October. She spoke about her book and its illustrations Clin d'oeil sur mes emotions. Further book details >>

Lynn Macwhinnie, BFRP and trainer spoke on 11 November about her book Emotional Wisdom. Further book details >> Books mentioned by Lynn: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Ripichee and Where on Earth is Heaven? Jonathan Stedal.

Nicola Hanefeld, BFRP and trainer spoke about her book One Person's Journey on 25 November. The book she would take to a desert island would be Jonathan Franzen's book The Corrections.

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