January 2021: "The consultation"

Bach Centre Approved Continuing Education BC-ACE online course. 4 sessions between 23. - 31. Jan. 2021. Max. 10 participants.

This course will take place via Zoom. We will work in theory and practice on deepening the abilities a practitioner needs for a successful and mindful consultation: empathy, authenticity and respect. The content also promotes general communication skills and is not exclusively for practitioners. Anyone who is interested in refining their communicative skills is welcome. We will relate what we are learning to the remedies on the second weekend. We will use a creative approach to improve our ability to understand what someone else is experiencing. This also means the course helps to become more able to understand oneself and heightening our own authenticity. We will work in the group and in pairs.

Being familiar with Zoom is not a prerequisite to join - instructions on using Zoom will be shared!

Course leader: Nicola Hanefeld, BFRP since 1997, trainer for Bach Centre approved courses in Germany (Level 1 – 3). Nicola has trained in person-centred counselling.

Max. 10 participants.

Course times: Four sessions (Berlin time) on

Saturday, 23. January 2021, 4:00pm - 6:30pm, Sunday, 24. January: 4:00pm - 6:30pm


Saturday, 30. January: 4:00pm - 6:30pm, Sunday, 31. January: 4:00pm - 6:30pm.

Cost: € 145,00, (VAT exemption) including fee for Bach Centre certificate of attendance.

Please send an email if you would like to register: hanefeld[at]bachblueten-freiburg.de  

 or use the contact form of this website.

Bachblüten Beratung

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